Touchless Fundraising

Use the power of the internet to raise money online selling products. No person to person contact and no school deliveries.

How Does It Work?

  • Virtual KickoffWe supply the videos!
  • Shoppable E-CatalogsShop catalogs easily on our website.
  • Shop Online650+ products. 14 categories.
  • Pay OnlineOnline orders ship directly to supporters’ homes.
  • Raise More MoneyCustomers spend 3x more online.


“Our PTO had been looking for new ways to raise money. Parents are getting busier and finding volunteers for events is getting more and more difficult. When COVID hit and we were unsure if doing a fundraiser would work, we looked into the SchoolKidz Virtual Fundraiser as we thought it might be the best option. They had many options to work for whatever situation we were in. We could have done it all virtually with products shipping to each supporter’s home, but we wanted to include frozen food so we opted for a Virtual Fundraiser with drive through pick up. We were blown away with the results - not only did we get more participation than we expected, but we more than tripled our profit goal!! The feedback we received from parents on both the fundraiser and the pick-up procedure has been nothing but positive! What an amazing experience and we are excited to continue doing this fundraiser and have already rebooked for next fall!”

– Jamie-Ossian Elementary

“This was our first year working with SchoolKidz and the Virtual Fundraiser. The fundraiser was SO easy to do! All communication was written for me so all I had to do was copy and paste it into our communication forums and hit send! Items arrived in a very timely manner and were packed by the seller, ready to go! The incentive prizes came all packed with the student they belonged to. I literally opened the box, sorted the students by class, and delivered them to the student. It was the easiest fundraiser ever! We already booked for next year!”

– Amanda-Waterloo Elementary

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